Friday, 20 July 2018

Welcome back... again!

I wondered how long it would take me to get back into running.  I'm scared to admit it but it may have happened?

I have been running now for the last 8 months or so and I have even started going back to my beloved Strathclyde parkrun!  I've took part in a couple of races including; Run with the Wind 10k (November 2017) in my hometown of Strathaven, and the Glasgow Men's 10k in June this year.  

Glasgow Men's 10K 17th June 2018

As you can imagine my pace, speed and level of endurance is all over the place and I am carrying a few extra pounds stone in weight.  I do give myself some credit though, I am starting to maintain a consistent level of running and I have had a notable improvement over the last few weeks.

I have been going back to parkrun and this has really been a good indicator for me as to where I am and where I want to go.  The weather has been fantastic over the last couple of months so it's made it really easy to get up on a Saturday morning and make my way over to Strathclyde park for the event.  I have also had the company of my mum and mum-in-law, both taking part in the event alongside me.

Strathclyde parkrun 30th June 2018

I've also signed up to the Great Scottish Run half-marathon in September to try and get my distance back to something near what I was comfortable running before.  However, for the moment, I am trying to lose the extra weight and get the legs working again.  I've been pretty pleased with the quick progress at parkrun over the last few weeks.  My times have been coming down, albeit way off my 21.10 personal best for the 5KM distance.  Here are my times for the last few weeks:

23rd June 2018 - 25.33
30th June 2018 - 25.21
7th July 2018 - 24.37 
14th July 2018 - 23.19

As well as parkrun and a couple of runs through the week, I have been up Tinto Hill a couple of times.  The 2,333ft elevation has certainly tested the legs and I have felt the benefit of it in my running.  I am hoping to keep up the hill work as a way of mixing up my training.   It has also got me watching a lot of films on trail running and ultra marathons.....lets not go there quite yet!

Tinto Hill 15th July 2018 (06.45am!)

So with that, I'd like to think I am back on it and have it in me to keep it up.  The target this year is to get that parkrun time as close to 22 minutes as I can and get the half-marathon completed comfortably with no real target time in mind.  I am also coming close to my 50th parkrun so looking forward to getting my red t-shirt, finally.  It will have only took me 8 years! 

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